From: Exit Staff
‘Ndrangheta Wiretaps Mention Possible Investment in Shkodra

Another wiretap recording of Italian mafia group Ndrangheta members talking about an investment in Shkodra’s healthcare system has been made public on Sunday.

Ora News has transcribed more wiretaps wherein Luciano D’Alessandro speaks of important contacts in the healthcare sector.

Luciano D’Alessandro is the son of former Guardia di Finanza (Italy’s financial crime law enforcement agency) officer Ercole D’Alessandro who was arrested by the Italian police as an alleged member of the Ndrangheta group.

In the recordings, he claims that the investment in Albania will be great.

D’Alessandro: This guy is telling me that as soon as the Government is formed, meanwhile Europe is already sending money down there… as soon as the Government is formed there… they have to build all the infrastructure, the sewers… like they did in Romania.

Meanwhile, Calabrian entrepreneur Antonio Gallo (aka the Prince) has been recorded saying that Albania works like Calabria did in the ‘60s:

“…if you find the right channel, you make money, if not, you risk getting screwed over, and there, everybody’s going to screw you over. Also because, there is no justice there to speak of, if you sue them… so you have to be a little attentive and must verify their contacts, if they are legitimate or not.”

The conversation was recorded on July 18, 2017.

According to Ora News, the wiretaps recorded on July 25, 2017, show an interest in the political developments in Tirana.

Antonio Gallo says that, in Albania, during July and August everything is suspended, as they are waiting for the appointment of new ministers.

They also mention a company that employs 6500 people in Malësi e Madhe and garment manufacturing. Luciano D’Alessandro states that a third person told him the police force will change their uniforms.

More wiretap recordings

D’Alessandro: If our guy becomes Minister, he will sign our contract right away.

Gallo: We won’t tell the Albanian your paths… we won’t let him know any of our movements.

D’Alessandro: I will go with someone from Rome, who has been there for a long time, he’s from our Ministry of Interior and has a series of meetings including one with the Tirana mayor, the one elected now, we will have dinner on the 12th, in the evening. Vito Santacroce will be there, Dedoni cheeses, one guy from Rome, and maybe this Grifalco, who makes pants, will come too because he wants to open a pants factory there… in September we must go and maybe find a place to stay…

Following the arrest of dozens of members of the ‘Ndrangheta mafia group in Italy, their attempts to connect with officials of the Municipality of Tirana and the Rama government have come to light.

The entire money-laundering operation allegedly run by the Italian mafia in Albania is estimated to be worth €250 million.