Netherlands and France to Enter European Council Summit with Joint Position on Accession Negotiations

A source of Exit with knowledge of the matter has confirmed that the Netherlands and France have coordinated their stance on the opening of EU accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia.

According to this negotiation position, which has not yet been made public, the two countries propose a pause to further expansion of the European Union until the European Commission has reviewed its enlargement policy and provides a critical evaluation of the enlargement process in recent years.

France and the Netherlands want a reform of the EU’s enlargement policy such that it better corresponds to the aims of EU integration and provides more clarity on deliverables and their monitoring.

The joint negotiation position of the two countries reflects the stances of their respective governments, with the Netherlands sceptical about further enlargement without sufficient progress, particularly in Albania, and French President Macron’s ambition to reform the European Union.

Next week on October 15 the EU General Affairs Council will meet to discuss the enlargement process with regard to Albania and North Macedonia.