New Evidence Shows MP Balla and Police Chief Paid Off False Witness

MP Ervin Salianji published new evidence showing how police chief Ardi Veliu and MP Taulant Balla attempted to pay off Fredi Alizoti if he agreed to give a fake testimony regarding the wiretap recording of Minister Xhafaj’s brother.

During a press conference, Salianji published new parts from the prosecution office’s surveillance records:

The facts showing how Taulant Balla and Ardi Veliu have tried to fabricate and pay off a fake witness with the purpose of protecting drug trafficker Agron Xhafaj, and his Interior Minister brother, are indisputable.

The General Prosecution Office’s official surveillance records include wire tappings that show the involvement of Taulant Balla and Ardi Veliu in the creation of a false witness.

On May 27, a mere three days before Rama’s actor was officially recruited by the state police, he has the following conversation, as recorded by the Prosecution: “Have I had any good offers from the other side? […] I called you because I had a talk with my friend from Librazhd, you know? You know what I’m talking about? He had told him: name your price.”

Afterwards, [Taulant ] fatally asserts that: “…he had proper talks,” “I’d rather do a year in jail and take what I deserve.”

The wiretap also shows precisely why this is false testimony. In another conversation, Albert Veliu tells Alizoti: “what business do you have approaching this issue when you’ve got nothing to do with it?”

This evidence is sufficient for the Prosecution Office to arrest Ardi Veliu for:
Abuse of office
Inhibiting justice
And falsifying evidence, to protect a drug trafficker.

The evidence clearly demonstrates that the Prosecution shut an eye in order to facilitate Edi Rama’s mafia scheme, that protects a drug trafficker and attacks whistle-blowers.