New Landfill To Be Built in Vlora

The government and the Vlora municipality are currently planning the construction of a new landfill near the Sherishta village of Kanina.

This landfill will gather waste from Saranda, Delvina, Finiq, Himara, and Konispol, and will be the south’s second largest landfill, following that in Bajkaj.

Though there is little public information available so far, it is known that the landfill will be financed by the Vlora municipality, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, as well as the German bank KfW.

The construction of this new landfill will allow for the closure of two waste deposition sites in Vlora and Orikum.

These deposition sites will be closed and rehabilitated as part of the construction of a new landfill. Based on the feasibility study for this project, the fittest area for its construction is that to the east of Vlora city, near the Sherishta village in Kanina.

The landfill will include several waste treatment facilities that will be taken into consideration during the environmental effect planning. For an optimal management of the landfill’s irrigation, it will be filled in three phases. The landfill will last for a 20 year period,” the project’s documentation explains.

The construction of this landfill would bring to four the number of landfill projects launched by the Rama government in these last two years. Find more regarding the waste management industry in the country here.