“New Opposition” MPs Form Two Parliamentary Groups

MPs taking up mandates of the opposition formed two parliamentary groups in today’s parliamentary session.

Several MPs from opposition parties’ lists refused to comply with their parties’ decisions to resigns and either kept or took up their parliamentary mandates. Unable to represent their parties or use their names, these MPs formed two new parliamentary groups today.

The MPs from the Democratic Party lists formed the “Democratic” Parliamentary Group with the following composition:

Head of the Group, Rudina Hajdari, and members Myslim Murrizi, Korab Lita, Arben Elezi, Arlind Çaçani, Halil Jakimi, Alban Zeneli.

The MPs from the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) lists formed an “Independent” Parliamentary Group. Nimet Musaj will be the Head of the Group, and Edlira Hyseni, Enver Roshi, Ralf Gjoni, Ediola Braha, Ylli Shehu, Aurora Mara will be members.

At today’s session, MP Rudina Hajdari said her parliamentary group is willing to collaborate with the majority on the electoral reform, and that they will participate in the June local elections. Hajdari added that they are preparing to “present an alternative […] to change the system”.

It remains unclear how exactly these MPs plan to participate in local elections but it is likely that MP Hajdari has actually suggested that they are working to form a new political party.

Opposition parties have stated that they won’t participate in any elections unless Prime Minister Edi Rama resigns and a new transitional government is formed.

The Constitution stipulates that the Albanian Parliament consists of 140 MPs. The MPs of the “new opposition” taking up their mandates have not been able to bring the Parliament into its constitutional composition. To date, the Parliament is composed of only 102 of the 140 MPs needed.