From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Nine New Cases of Coronavirus in Albania Brings Total to 51

The number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Albania has jumped to 51, an increase of nine since yesterday.

Four of them are medical staff at the hospital in Tirana. A total of 34 are in the capital, 5 in Durres, 2 in Lushnje, 2 in Elbasan, 6 in Fier, and 2 in Rrogozhine.

The government is appealing to people to stay home and not go out unless completely necessary.

North Macedonia’s Health Ministry has announced that a patient diagnosed with Coronavirus has made a full recovery.

After a number of treatments were given and subsequent tests were carried out, doctors have confirmed that the patient is no longer suffering from the virus. The patient was subsequently discharged and is now at home.

The total number of cases in the country is 18.

Meanwhile in Italy, the number of those that have died spiked by 368 cases in just 24 hours. According to reports by the Italian government, the death toll was 1809 as of yesterday afternoon with over 25,000 cases confirmed.

In Spain, the number of deaths has reached 294 with 7,988 cases diagnosed. Around 272 are said to be in a serious or critical situation.

Germany has confirmed a total of 6,215 cases with 13 deaths and two patients in a serious or critical condition.

Meanwhile, in France there have been 5,423 recorded cases of Coronavirus with 127 deaths and 400 in a serious or critical situation.