From: Exit Staff
Nobel Laureate Peter Handke Non Grata in Sarajevo

The regional parliament of Sarajevo unanimously declared Nobel Literature Prize laureate Peter Handke persona non grata for his support of former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic’s criminal policies in the region, AP reported.

Yesterday’s Nobel ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden, was boycotted by at least six countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, where Serbian forces perpetrated the Srebrenica genocide, brutally murdering 8,372 Bosniak men and boys in 10 days. More than 100 people also demonstrated outside the ceremony venue.

Handke has been a staunch supporter of Milosevic. He has downplayed the killings by Serbian forces and has disputed that the Srebrenica genocide could be called genocide.

Sarajevo’s Cantonal Assembly adopted a declaration today, in which it condemned the award to a “Srebrenica genocide denier”, and stated that denial is the final phase of genocide. They considered the award as another humiliation of victims of the “Greater-Serbia aggression”.