From: Exit Staff
North Macedonia Lifts All Entry Restrictions for Foreign Visitors

Visitors travelling to North Macedonia will no longer be required to present a vaccination certificate, or a negative COVID test at the border.

On Tuesday, April 19, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia announced it had decided to lift requirements for foreign visitors. Furthermore, they will no longer be required to quarantine for seven days when entering the country.

The situation in North Macedonia remains stable, according to local media. Speaking to the Macedonian portal Free Press, Dr. Zlate Mehmedovic, spokesman for the Commission for Infectious Diseases (CID) said the number of cases is not growing.

If the trend continues like this, the CID is expected to remove a number of measures, including the requirement that patrons present a vaccination certificate when entering cafés and restaurants.

Currently, there are 802 active COVID-19 cases in North Macedonia, while the Clinic for Infectious Diseases has been closed for two weeks thanks to the low number of patients.

Minister of Health Bekim Sali said that 46 percent of Macedonian citizens have been officially vaccinated, while 75 percent have received natural immunity—i.e., have been infected with the virus.