Ombudsman Invites Completion of Vetting Institution Applications

Following a decision approved in Parliament on Thursday, the National Ombudsman has reopened the application procedure for the vetting institutions, giving an additional 7 days to the 79 candidates who had already applied but didn’t formally qualify to send in missing documents or certificates.

All applicants for the institutions of transitional reassessment institutions of judges and prosecutors, that haven’t fulfilled the formal criteria because of the absence of the pertinent documentation, are invited to complete this documentation within 7 days, starting at March 20, 2017, until March 27, 2017.

National Ombudsman Igli Totozani also formally informed the International Monitoring Operation (ONM) of the reopening of the applications, asking for assistance to the vetting procedure as stipulated in the Constitution.

With the reopening of the applications, the National Ombudsman has ended the standstill of the selection process of the member for the vetting institution, which started on March 6, when Parliament passed an unconstitutional decision to reopen the entire application process. After resistance of the National Ombudsman, Parliament passed a new decision, which is now being executed.

As announced by the ONM, they will assist the National Ombudsman in determining which applications pass the formal criteria once the seven-day period has ended.