Opposition Demands Prosecution Investigates Allegations of Vote Rigging

The opposition Democratic Party (PD) demanded the prosecution to investigate into Socialist Party election administrators in 14 polling stations in Kukës for having allegedly engaged in vote rigging on June 30.

PD claims that people who were actually not present in Albania on the day of election, still somehow managed to cast their votes in Kukës.

The June 30 elections were pushed by the ruling Socialist Party, despite the president having cancelled the date.

The opposition party suspects that elections were rigged by election administrators. It has requested the prosecution to crosscheck the voter lists, votes cast, and border police information on people who have not been in the country at the time of voting.

Two days ago, the newly formed Democratic Conviction party also demanded the Central Election Commission (KQZ) to publish record sheets for each ballot box in several municipalities, claiming that people not present in the country had actually voted. The KQZ denied the request.

Yesterday, several opposition parties led by the PD also requested the KQZ to publish record sheets of ballot boxes. They claim that voting and vote counting were manipulated in the absence of opposition representatives in election administration, as it was evidenced by the media and observers.

The KQZ is legally bound to reply to opposition request within 10 days.