From: Exit Staff
Opposition LSI Calls on Media to Boycott PM Rama Over Media Draft Laws

The Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) has called on the media to boycott Prime Minister Edi Rama. The opposition party’s call comes amidst growing concern that the ruling majority will pass two controversial laws restricting the freedom of online media.

In their press statement today, LSI deputy head Petrit Vasili said that Albania is giving the worst example by violating the media freedom at a time when it just got the OSCE chairmanship for 2020.

He added that after having called the media “toilet” and journalists “barking dogs”, Rama is now trying to silence them through the draft laws his government has designed.

Vasili called on the media to boycott the prime minister, close the “doors to his deception and lies”, and leave him only with his personal online ERTV funded with taxpayers’ money.

The two controversial draft laws, which are considered to have been designed by the government to restrict the freedom of online media, have been criticized by OSCEEuropean UnionCouncil of Europe, UNDP, international and local media organizations and journalists.