Albanian Opposition Parties Request Registration for October 13 Elections

The opposition parties Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), the Republican Party (PR), and the Environmental Agrarian Party (PAA), have deposited their request to be registered for the October 13 local elections at the Central Election Commission (KQZ). According to the Electoral Code, electoral subjects must file for registration at least 70 days before the election date.

President Ilir Meta had decreed the local elections of October 13 after he canceled the local elections of June 30 in order  “to defend the democratic values and principles set enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Albania; to reduce the social tension; to guarantee constitutional order and democracy; […] and give political parties time to […] solve the severe political crisis, which are part of the essential duties and responsibilities of the President in a Parliamentary Republic”.

The KQZ and the Socialist Party decided to ignore the presidential degree and proceeded by holding one-party elections, which the PS won in all but one municipality.

Despite the legal validity of President Meta’s decree to hold elections on October 13, the KQZ has so far refused to acknowledge the opposition parties’ registration requests. During the KQZ meeting on August 3, only chairman Klement Zguri was present. The other four members of the KQZ, allied with the Socialist Party, failed to attend. As a result, no quorum was met.

On August 1, President Ilir Meta called upon the political actors to start preparations for the October 13 local elections. In a press conference, he stated:

On June 30 there have not been state and legal elections in the Republic of Albania.
Legal, state, and constitutional elections are on October 13. This was the closest date that could guarantee the full inclusion of all opposition forces that wanted to take part, it was the closest date and on the threshold of [the European Council summit of] October 17–18.
Not holding elections on October 13 will have a serious cost from the legal perspective, but will also lead to certain punishment – 101% – as regards the opening of negotiations of Albania in October.

As long as the Constitutional Court has not judged the President’s decree unconstitutional, the Constitution and the Electoral Code stipulate that the KQZ should go ahead with the organization of the elections.