Opposition Publishes More Evidence on Vora Mayor’s Double Identity

Opposition party PD has published further evidence that Jorgo Toto, wanted in Greece for money falsification, is indeed the same person as Agim Kajmaku, the recently elected Socialist mayor of Vora.

Former MP Gent Strazimiri provided extracts from the TIMS border control system showing that Toto and Kajmaku have a very similar photograph.

Kajmaku has insistently denied that he is wanted by the Greek justice system, sharing even photograph on his Facebook page of Greek stamps in his passport.

The herald of the PD dealt again with me today, but no problem because the truth comes out sooner or later. I would have an arrest warrant in Greece […] Here is where I entered and left from Greece before I became a candidate. My truth will be proven as I have said, but not by the pressed lemon of the PD but by the authorities.

The PD maintains that Kajmaku is wanted under his alias Jorgo Toto, and as a result could travel to Greece under his real name. The PD also revealed that Kajmaku’s company Kajmaku shpk had received €2.6 million in tenders from the municipalities of Tirana and Durrës, as well as the OShEE.

Meanwhile, the General Prosecution Office has started an investigation, and Kajmaku has been requested to provide his finger prints. Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama has so far refused to distance himself from his mayor.