From: Exit News
Over 5000 People Wiretapped by Albanian Police in 2019

2,714 wiretap warrants have been released by the Albanian courts and carried out by prosecutors in 2019. This facilitated the interception of 5,574 people suspected of being involved in criminal activity.

The General Prosecution’s annual report states that the wiretapping was carried out in the context of 717 criminal proceedings, 141 of which were Serious Crimes Prosecution cases. The number of wiretap warrants has decreased slightly from 2018, when 3,063 of them were released by courts.

The report also states that the wiretapping led to the apprehension or arrest of 713 people suspected of crimes endangering public safety, people’s lives, narcotics-related crimes, corruption, abuse of power, and trafficking.

Data given by the report also show that wiretap warrants correlate to a 26.4% arrest rate, slightly higher than that of 2018 (23%), though still lower than that of 2017 (29%).