Albanian Parliament Approves Resolution Recognising Srebrenica Genocide

The Albanian parliament passed a unanimous resolution on Thursday, honouring the victims of the Srebrenica genocide just days before the 27 year anniversary of the massacre and declaring 11 July as a day of commemoration. In 1995, Serbian troops killed more than 8,000 Bosnian men and boys in less than two weeks in Srebrenica, Bosnia

Thousands of Albanians Participate in Opposition-Led Protest against Government

Thousands of Albanians joined Democratic Party (PD) leader Sali Berisha and other members of the PD for an anti-government protest under the banner “Albania is in danger” on Thursday (7 July). Protestors covered the entirety of Tirana’s main boulevard, from the city center toward Mother Theresa Square. Many bussed into the capital from cities around

Albanian Opposition Poised for Major Protest on July 7

Opposition leader Sali Berisha has called on Albanian citizens to join him in protest against the ruling Socialist Party in front of the Office of the Prime Minister on Thursday (July 7). “Rama’s departure and resignation is the biggest goal of July 7 and the protests that will follow,” Berisha told media. Berisha has been

Albanian Journalists Protest Against Prime Minister in Tirana

Albanian journalists protested outside the Prime Minister’s office in Tirana on Monday night over comments from Prime Minister Edi Rama that one of them should be “reeducated” and a ban of three months from press conferences. In an ever-declining media freedom climate, Rama, for the second time this year, told a journalist they should be

Albanian Government Preparing Resolution on Yellow House Report Author, Dick Marty

The Albanian government has annouced it is preparing a resolution against a 2010 report by Dick Marty that accused Kosovo’s former president Hashim Thaci of war crimes, that will be submitted to the Council of Europe. The news came following a joint meeting on Monday between Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and his Kosovo counterpart

Socialist Party to Vote on New Srebrenica Genocide Resolution

Following outrage over the rejection by the Socialist Party of a resolution condemning the Srebrenica Genocide in parliament in May, the majority have now tabled their own for approval. The resolution was initiated by Democratic Party MP Tritan Shehu and sought to condemn the massacre of more than 8000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys over

Bajram Begaj Elected President of Albania

Bajram Begaj will be the next President of Albania after 78 MPs voted for him on Saturday afternoon. Four MPs voted against while one abstained. Most opposition MPs abandoned the session after Democratic Party (PD) leader Sali Berisha argued that Begaj was not eligible for the Presidency as he had been part of the Albanian

Sali Berisha Re-Elected Leader of the Democratic Party

Former President, Prime Minister and co-founder of Albania’s Democratic Party (PD) Sali Berisha has been elected its leader once again after nine years taking a back seat role. Previous Chairman Lulzim Basha resigned earlier this year following a split in the party, protests, and months of internal turmoil.  After the polled has closed on Sunday

Berisha Faces Little Challenge in Path to Reclaiming Leadership of the Democratic Party

Two candidates will run in leadership elections for the opposition Democratic Party on May 22: Sali Berisha and Ibsen Elezi. On Monday, the PD committee tasked with organizing elections announced that only two candidates submitted requests to run in the upcoming elections.  Ibsen Elezi is former local PD chairman in Kukes who has been critical