From: Exit News
Parliament Sets Up Inquiry Committee to Dismiss Albanian President

On Friday, the Albanian Parliament set up an inquiry committee to examine a request by the ruling Socialist Party to dismiss President Ilir Meta.

It was proposed the day before in a report by the Legal Affairs Committee, and approved today with 97 votes in favor and 6 against.

The report alleges that the president has incited violence and undermined the country’s unity during the electoral campaign of April 25 elections.

MP Alket Hyseni of the Socialist Party will lead the inquiry committee composed of Myslim Murrizi, Klotilda Bushka, Vasilika Hysi, Elena Xhina, Spartak Braho, Halil Jakimi, Nikolin Staka, and Arlind Çarçani.

In one month from now, the committee should submit a report on their findings regarding allegations against the president, and propose to parliament whether he should be dismissed or not.

The president’s dismissal requires at least 94 votes in parliament.

The Socialist majority plans to dismiss President Meta before the new parliamentary session starts in September, taking advantage of the fact that the opposition rescinded their MP mandates in February 2019.


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