From: Exit Staff
PM Kurti Claims President Thaçi Told Him Kosovo-Serbia Agreement Was Ready to Be Signed

Kosovo’s parliament is holding a session to vote on a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Albin Kurti. The motion was brought by Kurti’s coalition partner Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK).

The coalition partners first disagreed over the lifting of tariffs on Serbian goods. Then Kurti decided to fire a LDK minister after his statement contradicting the government decision not to support a state of emergency proposed by President Hashim Thaçi.

In his speech today, Kurti stated that his government is facing a no-confidence vote to open the way to an agreement with Serbia through exchange of territories. The agreement is ready and awaiting to be signed, according to him.

He added that President Thaçi had confirmed to him such an agreement already exists but that the dropping of tariffs on Serbian goods, without imposing reciprocity measures, was necessary before signing it.

“Lift the tariff, we go to Washington together, we make the deal and get rid of Serbia forever […] Only you and I can do this,” Kurti said Thaçi told him in one of their meetings.

Kurti argued that he would never be part of such a deal, and wouldn’t personally mind being ousted unless it wasn’t for the fact that the country is amidst the corona virus crisis on which his government is doing a great job.

The prime minister further argued that the aim of the political battle against him has not been to drop the tariffs, but not to impose reciprocity measures with Serbia because “Serbia cannot accept equality with Kosovo”.

Threats for an alleged withdrawal of American NATO troops from Kosovo, cancellation of alleged $200 million in US aid, dismissal of the minister are not the real reasons for the no-confidence vote, according to Kurti.

He said the vote was related exclusively to the plan to exchange territories and reach an agreement with Serbia. “We are here and alive, and won’t allow this happen,” Kurti stated.

Coalition partner LDK and opposition parties have stated they will vote out the Kurti government today. The session is ongoing, with MPs holding speeches, and a vote is expected soon.