PM Rama Gives Tax Office to His Own Party

Yesterday, the Prime Minister Edi Rama signed a decision of the Council of Ministers to transfer ownership of the General Directorate of Taxes in Delvina to the Socialist Party to function as the party’s regional headquarters.

The mayor of Delvina is Rigels Balili (LSI), brother of “Escobar of the Balkans” Klement Balili.

Back in August 2013, when outgoing Prime Minister Sali Berisha decided to grant the Democratic Party new national headquarters in the former Central House of the People’s Army (ShQUP), then opposition leader Rama stated:

What a shame: the losing party, which still governs a NATO country, steals the Central House of the Army to turn it into its own headquarters! And against the law!

Every day of government after the elections shows how much they merited the 1 million slaps that the people gave the looting government!

It now seems that the Rama government has made a similar move, albeit it not at the expense of the Ministry of Defense, but of Saimir Tahiri’s Ministry of Interior Affairs.

According to article 22(b) of the law on political parties, the state is obliged to furnish political parties represented in Parliament with national and local offices.