Police Had No Plan to Arrest Lulzim Berisha

While recently the police is loudly conducting operations to arrest the so-called “tough guys”, media has been propagating the idea that target of these operations was Lulzim Berisha,  the head of the Durres gang.

Despite the media referring to sources close to the Police and Prosecution, this claim seems to be untrue.

On October 21, police informed that it had conducted a search operation in Lulzim Berisha’s apartment,  who seems to have left Albania, together with his family some time ago in the direction of an EU country.

On October 23,  in his reaction for Panorama newspaper in the aftermath of the operation, Lulzim Berisha’s lawyer, Detar Hysi stated that the Serious Crimes Prosecution of Tirana had requested “neither an arrest-and-detention security measure, nor a police search,  and there is no search warrant issued. Still the police conducted a search in his apartment and found nothing.”

Furthermore, in a message to journalist Rudina Xhunga of the same day, lawyer Detar Hysi wrote:

“Lulzim Berisha […] is a free citizen,  who strictly complies with the decision of Durres County Court to keep contacts with the Probation Center in Durres.”

On October 24,  according to Balkanweb, Lulzim Berisha went to the Probation Center, in compliance with the court’s decision.