From: Exit Staff
Prime Minister Threatens Loss of Licenses for Those Violating Lockdown Measures

Prime Minister Edi Rama has said that anyone caught violating the no-driving rule will lose their license permanently. He also said that any grocery stores or pharmacies caught raising their prices will also lose their license to operate.

Rama addressed Albanians via a Livestream on his Facebook account as he is in isolation at his home in Surrel.

“Anyone who gets caught in a breach of regulations may lose their license eventually and be banned for several years…”

He added: “Anyone who plays smart on food and drug prices may eventually lose the right to trade food and drugs and so on.”

Rama said there are a number of new rules being prepared for those that have violated the measures. He then called on people to wash their hands, open the windows, take care of their children and the elderly and be patient.

The United Nations coordinator in Tirana, Brian J Williams spoke to News24 today and said that he believes there could have been cases before the ones that have been officially identified and that there are others we do not know about yet. He added that the UN supports the measures implemented by the government but said it could have been taken a couple of days earlier.

He said that social distancing and reducing person-to-person contact is an important way of stopping the spread of the virus.