From: Exit Staff
Prishtina to Ban Electric Scooters and Bikes

As of Monday, electronic scooters, bicycles, and similar devices will be banned from squares, pavements, and all public spaces with pedestrian traffic, according to a decision by the Municipality of Prishtina.

In the last few years, electronic mobility devices have seen a significant increase in use and popularity across Europe, but they have also caused controversy. Dangerous driving, causing accidents and injury to pedestrians, and such devices being left in the middle of pavements and roads have led to many calling for their regulation or prohibition.

“By the decision of the Mayor, we have banned the circulation of electric skates in the squares of Pristina and in places where there is a large number of pedestrians! This necessary measure has been taken until the regulation is voted on, which is being worked on,” according to Deputy Mayor Alban Zogaj.

Florian Dushi, director of inspection at the Municipality, clarified which areas will be impacted.

“We are talking about the central squares of Pristina and other spaces which are built and used exclusively for pedestrians”.

He clarified that there were no decisions on fines at the moment but that current cases reported to his office resulted in the action being stopped and the person being removed from the area.

While some have praised their use as they make inner-city mobility easier, they have caused a number of accidents.

“Accidents that have occurred with electric skates, 30 accidents have been reported to the Kosovo Police from January 1 to July 31. It is worth noting that the number of accidents and incidents with these vehicles is greater, but the Kosovo Police has been alerted to 30 such cases, which it has dealt with,” the Kosovo Police said.

The current ban is temporary while the government works on formal legislation.