From: Exit Staff
Prosecution Office Starts Investigating Fourth Alleged Ex-con Mayor

Prosecutor General has requested the decriminalization form of Mayor of Mallakastra Qerim Ismailaj, who has been accused by the Democratic Party (PD) of not declaring a prior criminal conviction in Greece.

The decriminalization form is filed by mayoral candidates before elections. In it they have to declare any criminal record from the past. Falsifying such information is a criminal offence and can result in a prison sentence and a ban from serving in public office. 

The Central Election Commission was sent the request from the office of General Prosecutor Olsian Cela on 13 January. They must now send the decriminalization form to the Prosecution so it can be verified.

The Prosecution has also sent a request to Greek authorities regarding clarification on the matter.

The PD has accused Ismailaj of being sentenced to three years in prison by Greek authorities on charges of assault back in 2000. 

Ismailaj has repeatedly denied the allegations, claiming he was unaware of the documents published by the DP and that he has travelled to and from Greece since then with no issues.

The PD have now accused four Socialist Party mayors of failing to declare their criminal convictions. Following the 30 June single-party elections, the PD denounced Vau i Dejes Mayor  Mark Babani, former Shkodra Municipality candidate Valdin Pjetri and Vora Mayor Agim Kajmaku.

Pjetri resigned, Kajmaku has had an arrest warrant issued in his name but is “on the run”, and investigations into Babani seem to have not progressed.