Prosecution Seeks Confiscation of Deputy Peza’s Assets

TV station News 24 reports that the Prosecution of Serious Crimes has asked the court to confiscate the assets of PS Deputy Alfred Peza. During the session the court will determine whether indeed his assets will be seized under the anti-mafia legislation.

The prosecution’s investigation, which was started after Peza’s wife bought stocks in Credins bank at the value of 1.13 billion lekë, lasted several months, has been unable to justify to source of Peza’s wealth.

The investigation was the result of a control and investigation by the High Inspectorate of the Declaration and Control of Wealth and Conflict of Interest (ILDKPKI) in January.

Deputy Peza has claimed that he had “saved” the money from his and his wife’s regular salaries, and was unconnected to his work in Parliament.