Prosecution Starts Criminal Investigation against KQZ

The General Prosecution has started a criminal investigation against the Central Election Commission (KQZ). According to the Prosecution, the documentation of deputy Armando Prenga presented by the KQZ did not include his answer regarding previous convictions in court, which was negative.

But in fact, the Prosecution has declared that Prenga has been convicted in Italy for theft, falsifying documents, and fake identity. Lying on a self-declaration form leads to immediate dismissal. At the same time, the KQZ was not allowed to hide Prenga’s lie in its communication with the General Prosecution.

The Prosecution stated that

In the KQZ document, dated February 14, 2017, brought for a more thorough verification by the General Prosecution, it has not been specified that the subject [Prenga] has answered “NO” on the question whether he has any previous convictions.

Moreover, the General Prosecution accuses the KQZ of accepting self-declaration forms after the official deadline in the case of two deputies and one mayor.