Prosecution To Investigate 3,580 Changes in Administration during Electoral Campaign

The General Prosecution has today stated an investigation into the 3,580 changes in the public administration during the electoral campaign period.

Since early July, former Deputy Prime Minister Ledina Mandija had raised concerns about the wave of new nominations and changes in the public administration. The dossier drafted by her for the prosecution was blocked by the protocol office of the Prime Minister for as yet unknown reasons.

According to Mandija, the Task Force that was established to monitor high officials and civil servants during the electoral campaign discovered violations in 3,580 cases. Several state institutions, according to the Task Force report, also violated regulations with their organigrams.

Only after the Task Force report about the June 25 elections was made public yesterday, and details about the massive violations leaked to the press, the protocol office of the Prime Ministry forwarded the dossier to the Prosecution.