From: Exit News
Protest Against Demolition of Albanian National Theater Held in Vienna

Several citizens have held a protest in Vienna against the demolition of Albania’s National Theater. In late May, a previous protest was held in the Austrian capital by Albanian citizens.

A dozen of protestors stood outside the headquarters of the ERSTE Foundation holding signs that denounced the current Albanian government and the demolition of the National Theater. They chose to protest outside the ERSTE Foundation, as a representative of Austrian NGOs whose support, according to them, lends credence and good PR to Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and Tirana mayor Erion Veliaj. The protesters have demanded that the foundation, as a supporter of civil society, takes a stand in the face of the destruction of cultural heritage. 

The protesters said they intend to target other international and non-governmental organizations in the following weeks, with the purpose of raising international awareness of the “autocratic” regime that currently rules Albania, the most glaring example of which was the demolition of the National Theater.

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