From: Exit News
Protesters Ask Embassies’ Support to Receive Fair Compensation for Demolished Homes

Residents of the four areas under development by the Municipality in Tirana have held another protest today in an attempt to get the attention of parliament and the US and EU embassies in the capital.

They demand that parliament and the international community mediate discussions between them and the Municipality of Tirana, so they can receive fair compensation for their demolished homes. 

This morning, the protestors gathered in front of Parliament, where they were joined by opposition MPs.  Protestors then headed towards the US embassy in Tirana, and said they will also protest in front of the EU embassy.  

The municipality’s infrastructure projects affect hundreds of families in the areas around central Tirana – Paskuqan, Lapraka, Kodra e Priftit and Kombinat. Residents claim they were offered unfair contracts as compensation for their demolished homes by the municipality.

Prime Minister Edi Rama reacted on social media stating that the compensation they have been granted is more than fair. 

During the residents’ previous protests, Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj didn’t respond to their request for a meeting to discuss their issues. 

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