PS Seeks Expulsion of 7 Opposition Deputies from Parliament

The parliamentary group of the PS has requested the exclusion from Parliament of 7 opposition deputies from the LSI and PS, after the physical confrontations on Monday during the session in which Arta Marku was elected and sworn in as Temporary General Prosecutor. Marku was elected by 69 of the 140 deputies in Parliament.

The PS has requested the exclusion of the following deputies:

  1. Monika Kryemadhi (party leader of LSI)
  2. Kejdi Mehmetaj (LSI)
  3. Endrit Brahimllari (LSI)
  4. Bardh Spahia (PD)
  5. Ervin Salianji (PD)
  6. Flamur Noka (PD)
  7. Endri Hasa (PD)

The seven deputies are also investigated by the newly installed Temporary General Prosecutor (a protégé of PS deputy Ulsi Manja) for disturbing the order, resisting the police, and inciting a mob.

The procedure is remarkable, because there is clear video footage and photo documentation of PS deputy Bujar Çela hitting Kejdi Mehmetaj in the face.

Meanwhile, Mehmetaj has written an open letter to US Ambassador Donald Lu and EU Ambassador Romana Vlahutin, in which she held them co-responsible for the violence committed against her Parliament:

With your declarations, you are as responsible for the violence exerted against me and my colleagues, because you never talked about us, never protected our rights. I am sure that in your countries, if the government would violate the Constitution, millions of inhabitants would go on the street and would protest until the fall of the government. You cannot ask us to the opposite. […]