From: Exit Staff
Public Procurement Commission Refuses to Consider Complaint of Companies who Bid for National Theatre Design Tender

The Public Procurement Commission has not accepted the complaint of the company Geo Consult and Archispace for the tender for the study and design of the new National Theater. This tender, worth about EUR 500,000, was conducted by the Municipality of Tirana during July. Its winner has not yet been announced.

According to the decision of the CPC, the complaining companies have not complied with the legal deadline to file a complaint, so the latter has not been taken into account.

The CPC writes that the fulfilment of the legal deadlines for the complaint is one of the ‘necessary elements of the complaint’, and therefore constitutes a reason for the rejection of the complaint by the Public Procurement Commission.

The companies Geo Konsult and Archispace had opposed the evaluation with points of their technical bid in the tender. They also demanded that the evaluation minutes of the technical bids of all the companies that participated in the tender be made available – this information is not yet known to the public.

The winner of the tender for the study and design of the National Theater is expected to be announced soon.