From: Exit News
Public Transport in Tirana Begins on July 6 Under New Regulations

Public transport in Tirana will begin again on Monday, July 6.

The Tirana municipality and public transport companies have reached an agreement to modify coronavirus preventative measures that will be observed during the operation of public transport. 

Companies and passengers must observe the following rules:

  • Public transport vehicles will be allowed to operate at a 70% capacity.
  • Passengers will sit across from each other.
  • Passengers must stay 1m away from each other.
  • Passengers must wear face masks and gloves, both inside the bus, and at the bus station.
  • Bus drivers and conductors must wear face masks and gloves.
  • Buses and other vehicles have to be equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers. Seats that will be allowed to be occupied by passengers must be clearly marked.
  • In case of rule violations, every passenger will be held personally responsible.
  • There will be posters outlining World Health Organization advice regarding hygiene and social distancing.