From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Public Transport Only for Medical Personnel, Over 500 Drivers Penalised For Flouting no Driving Rule

Public transport in the capital of Tirana is still running, but only to transport medical personnel. Those using the service must respect social distancing requirements, wear gloves and face masks. Citizens are still unable to use public transport

One of the new confirmed cases of Coronavirus is a 66-year-old-man from Patos who arrived from Italy on 3 March. The day after he arrived back in Albania, he organised a birthday party with dozens of guests at a bar in Patos where it is believed he could have infected many more. Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Institute of Public Health Silva Bino said they are working hard to track other cases, especially those he may have come into contact with.

So far, all of the confirmed cases have a travel history in Italy or have had direct contact with those that have. The Ministry of Health said that the country’s first case is believed to have infected nine other people.

Over 500 drivers have been penalised so far today for driving and violating the no-private cars lockdown that is in force until Sunday at midnight. Most incidences were in Tirana, followed by Durres, Vlora and Fier. Some 76 of these drivers were taken to the police station for failing to comply with the orders of the police.

The State Police have reiterated their request that people respect the restriction on movement in order to halt the spread of Coronavirus.

So far there are 33 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Albania and the government has carried out 457 tests. Eight cases are currently being treated in the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Tirana where one of them is said to be in a moderate state. The other seven are doing well, and the remaining cases are at home in self-isolation.