From: Exit News
Putin May Deploy Special Forces to Belarus in Support of Lukashenko

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia may deploy special security forces to Belarus if the country “gets out of control”.

In an interview with state television in Moscow on Thursday, Putin warned protesters in Belarus not to push too hard to topple President Aleksandr Lukashenko, otherwise Russia would send in a special reserve force of security officers to bring back order, New York Times reported.

The said Russian security force was created specifically to be deployed to Belarus if “the situation gets out of control”.

Unprecedented anti-government protests in Belarus have been ongoing for more than two weeks, since the disputed presidential elections on August 9.

OSCE Chair-in-Person, Albanian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Edi Rama and Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde have offered to meet with all stakeholders in Belarus and work for a solution to the crisis but Lukashenko has so far not answered the call.