From: Exit News
Pyramid of Tirana Remains in Dilapidated State Despite Mayor’s Promises

It’s been three years since the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, promised the “Pyramid Reconstruction”, but the building remains fenced off and no progress has been made with the plan.

The investigative show “BOOM” brought attention to the mayor’s repeated promises, showing footage of the pyramid in its current, dilapidated state.

In 2017 Veliaj stated:

“This year [2017] we will be budgeting to transform the pyramid. […] Triana’s most expensive property is a dead caravan in the middle of the boulevard. This is where we came up with the idea, can we reconstruct it now, with this function, namely theatre, film, library and a space for digital courses. ”

About 6 months later, in 2018, Veliaj forgot his original plan:

“We are taking the first official step to formalize an agreement between the Municipality of Tirana and the Albanian American Foundation [AADF] to transform the Tirana pyramid.”

The reconstruction that was promised in 2017 then metamorphosized into a “transformation” project which then changed yet again into a  “Youth Center for Creative Technology”. On May 27, 2018, the third project was presented with excitement by Mayor Veliaj and Prime Minister Rama.

About a year later, on October 14, 2019, the Mayor also released videos of what the Pyramid would look like after the latest promised project.

Five months later, in February 2020, the “Boom” show noted that the Pyramid continues to remain in its decrepit state, fenced off to members of the public.