Rama: 600,000 Uninsured Will Get Free Medication

During a meeting with the Obligatory Health Care Insurance Fund in Durrës today Prime Minister Edi Rama has announced that 600,000 uninsured citizens will freely profit from all medication covered by the state and many others.

According to Prime Minister Rama, free medical services have been the result of the healthcare reform. He added that the electronic recipe system has lowered the corruption between pharmacists and corruptable officials.

The electronic recipe is a new system, that made corruption between pharmacists and corruptable and corrupted officials in the Fund impossible, because it is no longer possible to write them by hand as they like.

The Prime Minister emphasized that this transformation in healthcare has been the result of a public–private partnership:

The private partner invests, the state pay this back piece by piece without increasing the debt. Private money is added, going into public investments.

He also declared that the government intends to increase the wages of doctors, nurses, and cleaners.