From: Exit Staff
Rama Announces Dubious Anti-corruption Legislation

In a Facebook post, Prime Minister Edi Rama announced yesterday the presentation of a “Special Anti-KÇK Package” of legislation, which he claims will offer a “new mechanism with special powers against crime and corruption.”

Without giving any further details, the Prime Minister mainly used his announcement to heap praise on Albania’s “invaluable” international partners.

Tomorrow we present the Special Anti-KÇK Package. A new mechanism with special powers against crime and corruption. Thanks to the first-class foreign experts in the war against terrorism, mafia, and organized crime, this mechanism will destroy the foundation of the nests of crime.

Today when the strategic partners of Albania and their embassies have become the target of a miserable politics of those crazy from fear for justice, the Special Anti-KÇK Package will once again prove how invaluable these partners are in Albania’s battle for progress and justice.

Without the support of the US/EU and the help of their representatives in Albania, the clean-up of the great vermin of (in)justice would have never started and the perspective of true equality before the law would have never been opened! Also the Special Anti-KÇK Package could not have happened without their help.

The term “KÇK” (kap çfarë të kapësh, “grab what you can”) was launched by Prime Minister Rama and other government officials last month in a concerted attack on those members of the judiciary he deemed “know that they cannot pass the vetting.”

The Anti-KÇK campaign has a real risk to prejudice the vetting process and provide additional arguments for the several court cases pending at the European Court of Human Rights, which in part revolve around political influence on the vetting institutions and the question whether they can be deemed “impartial.”

Exit has reached out the European Commission to ask in what capacity they assisted the drafting of the Special Anti-KÇK Package, and whether they endorse the language used by the Prime Minister.