Rama Announces Nationwide Anti-Cannabis Action

During a meeting today with the Anti-Cannabis Task Force, Prime Minister Edi Rama announced a nationwide action against the wide-spreas drug cultivation in the country:

This is the moment that the State Police is preparing a large national operation to control elements with criminal records in the entire country that are symbols of those feuds of cannabis cultivation.

The Prime Minister declared that the police has the necessary information about the criminal activities of drug traffickers in the country and is ready to attack:

It is time to clean Albania not only from cannabis, but also from those living microbes that threatens the security of the common people in this country.

He further emphasized the operation needed to be prepared carefully in order not to interrupt the tourist season, suggesting that the operation to “put an end to cannabis cultivation” will already start in August.

Prime Minister Rama also asked for the support of the municipalities to bring the operation to a good end:

There are mayor who haven’t shown themselves on top of this challenge to eradicate cannabis, it isn’t only the challenge of the State Police.

Director-General of the State Police, Haki Çako, followed up on Prime Minister Rama’s remarks by saying that the police is currently investigating 5 criminal groups:

We are investigating 5 structured criminal groups, we have identified their wealth and assets wherever they are, houses, land, cars, businesses. The State Police is determined to end this battle successfully, and also to bring those officials who don’t fulfill their duties as they are supposed to to justice.