From: Exit Staff
Rama: COVID-19 Stats Don’t Include Positives From Private Testing

Prime Minister Edi Rama has clarified how positive cases of COVID-19 are reported in the country.

According to Rama, the number of cases reported by the Ministry of Health each day is only the number of positive tests performed by the Institute of Public Health. It does not include those done in private hospitals.

In a press statement, Rama said that he had consulted with the Committee of Experts and they clarified the situation.

“The total number of [positive] tests given to the pubic is only of those done in public institutions.”

When someone tests positive for COVID-19 in a private hospital, the IPH is supposed to be informed. Then the test is repeated and the results are added to the official numbers. Exit has been made aware of cases where this has not always happened. There are also multiple reports where those who have come into contact with infected people, have been refused testing.

When asked about whether Albania was planning to introduce rapid testing, he said he didn’t think it was necessary and that PCR tests were sufficient.