Rama: Meta Is a Natural Candidate for the Presidency

Yesterday evening Prime Minister Edi Rama talked with journalist Sokol Balla about the political crisis, the presidential elections, and the parliamentary elections on June 18.

He confirmed that Speaker of Parliament Ilir Meta will be the majority candidate for the presidency during the fourth election round in Parliament today:

Today I stand before the Albanians very calmly, because certainly a more pro-PD president without being in the PD than Ilir Meta they cannot find even inside the PD.

Ilir Meta is cut to be with everyone and no one. He is a president that is really related with everyone, he has access to everyone, speaks with everyone, and tells everyone what he thinks. This work he will also do as president.

Ilir Meta has never wanted to be president. Even today, Meta is a candidate for president that comes naturally, because the situation is such that it requires Meta to be president.

Prime Minister Rama’s remarks about the “naturalness” of Rama’s candidacy are surprising, considering that the first three rounds of the presidential elections have passed without a single candidate. PS parliamentary group leader Gramoz Ruçi had even threatened the LSI to make up its mind or go for early elections.

As regards the elections, the Prime Minister repeated that he would be willing to change the Electoral Code to allow for a later election date, but that coalitions would be out of the question.

We are not a babysitter and in politics there is no babysitting for those who get lost. Democracy is a road with many lanes compared to the one-lane road of communism. If a machinery like the PD leaves the road, ends up in the grass and later in a ravine because of its driver, that’s not our fault.