From: Exit Staff
Preliminary Earthquake Reparation Bill Is €1 Billion

Prime Minister Edi Rama met today with Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio in Rome.

During the meeting they discussed the balance of damages of the 26 November earthquake, for which Prime Minister Rama said that according to preliminary calculations the damages are over one billion euros.

“The report will be ready in a few days, but so far it has been estimated at about one billion [euro],” Prime Minister Rama said during a meeting with Di Maio. 

To this, Di Maio responded that the damage is high but that he is confident that a solution will be found at the Donors’ Conference:

“A billion? That’s a lot but I am confident that at the Donors’ Conference we will find a solution.”

During the day, Prime Minister Rama will also meet with his counterpart Giuseppe Conte.

The two main issues to be discussed at the meeting between Rama and Conte are the donor conference on earthquake damage to be held in Brussels in February and the decision that EU states will make on whether or not to open negotiations with Albania and Northern Macedonia.