From: Exit News
Rama Turns to Erdogan for Help in Fighting Coronavirus Epidemic

Prime Minister Edi Rama has requested Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s help to handle the coronavirus situation in Albania, in case it escalates to “apocalyptical” proportions.

Rama stated last night that after one of their “frequent conversations” with Erdogan, he had presented the president with several requests as per Albania’s needs: “Since two weeks we have put on the Turkish authorities’ desk a list of requests in case of an “apocalypse”.” Rama did not reveal if his government is expecting aid from Turkey any time soon.

Amidst concerns over lack of equipment during the epidemic, Serbia’s President Alexandar Vucic turned to China’s President Xi JinPing, praising their “brotherhood”, and promising the Serbian people that China will send them “everything” they need. Vucic also slammed the EU’s hypocrisy vis-à-vis China and their lack of support for his country.