Reporters without Borders Criticize Basha’s Call on Party Officials to Boycott Some Media Platforms

Reporters without Borders criticized the Head of the Democratic Party (PD) Lulzim Basha for “secretly” calling on party members to boycott certain local media platforms.

Media outlets in Albania have published what appears to be an internal party memo sent by email to senior PD officials, calling on them to boycott certain TV programs and media outlets, which the opposition allegedly considers as tools for the government propaganda.

Whilst the author and source of the email are still unclear, its content seems to include advice for the PD senior officials on how to counter the government propaganda.

In a Tweet, Reporters without Borders said they “firmly deplore that the leader of opposition #LulzimBasha secretly called on the members of his party to boycott some media platforms under the pretext they serve the propaganda of the PM @ediramaal.”

The international media organization added that such a request “questions the independence of journalists and hurts the trust in the media”.