From: Exit Staff
Residents Clash with Albanian Police in Baldushk Over Demolition of Homes

Residents of Baldushk, a village near Tirana, have clashed with police officers over the demolition of their property and the construction of 52 new houses.

The new buildings will be constructed for people affected by the earthquake. The residents of the area, however, say that the land belongs to them and the Municipality has no right to demolish the buildings or use the land.

Residents say that the matter is before the court. They claim their land was inherited, and they didn’t agree in handing it over to the Municipality. Residents have said that as the Court has yet to give a final decision, the Municipality has no right to start the eviction or demolition process.

Clashes between residents and Municipal Police got heated as residents refused to back down. They said that the police arrived at the site with no paperwork or documents to support their actions.

This is the third time the two parties have clashed in the last year.