From: Exit Staff
Residents Clash With Police in Bubq Over Home Demolition

Dozens of residents in the village of Bubq in Fushë-Krujë clashed with police on Thursday after opposing the demolition of several buildings.

Police have gone to the scene to help the National Inspectorate of Territorial Defense continue its work. They accompanied some of the residents to the police station.

One of the families that opposes the demolition of their building is the Xhaferri family, which explained that their house was not damaged by the earthquake and is not a part of the reconstruction project.

The Xhaferri family own a large multi-floored building and as well as living there, they rent space to the local health centre, a kindergarten, an NGO and other businesses. They said they don’t know why it is being demolished as it’s not damaged and that they have not received any compensation for it.

The family also asked for time for the matter to be taken to court but this was ignored.