From: Arjola Tafaj
Residents in Lumas Clash with Police over New Water Supply Project

The residents of Lumas, a village near the southeastern city of Kuçova, have been protesting for several days against the construction of a new water supply system.

The advent of the construction phase of the project has been accompanied by clashes between police and protesters.

According to the residents, the project undertaken by the Municipality of Kuçova to supply other villages with water was greenlit without their presence or acknowledgement.

Furthermore, the inhabitants of Lumas report that the winning company does not allow them to get water from the only available spring in their area.

From the early hours of Friday, May 21, residents blocked the main village street and refuse to stop their protests, adding that they would not allow the works to continue. Residents claimed that the project is abusive, and is not meant to supply water but to allow the company to use the source of the Sineci river to trade water in bottles.

They stated that “water is vital for the village [residents] to survive” and they are facing severe psychological pressure knowing that their only source of water cannot be accessed.

Another resident says that “we bought the land because the area had water,” since for centuries the water has been used to irrigate the land and for the animals.

On Saturday, six people were apprehended by the police and are facing charges for disturbing public order.