From: Exit Staff
Restrictions on Albanians Travelling to Italy Announced by Embassy

Albanian citizens are only allowed to travel to Italy for health, work, study, to return to one’s place of residence, or in an absolute emergency. Tourists are not allowed to enter the country as per an announcement from the Italian Embassy in Tirana.

Any Albanians living in Italy who have a residence permit or fulfil any of the above criteria are allowed to enter under certain conditions. They are required to go into self-quarantine for 14 days, be placed under health surveillance, and fill in a self-declaration form. 

The form must indicate the reason why they are returning. Furthermore, once in Italy, transit to the final destination can only be achieved via private transport.

In some cases, quarantine is not mandatory. This includes those travelling to Italy for work that does not exceed 120 hours, those transiting by private vehicle for no longer than 36 hours, diplomats and students, amongst others.

Even if citizens are transiting to an airport where free COVID-19 tests are provided, they are still required to self-isolate.