From: Exit Staff
Richard Grenell to Visit Kosovo this Week with US Delegation

Richard Grenell is expected to visit Kosovo on September 21, as part of a US delegation led by the International Finance Corporation for Development, as part of visits expected to begin in Athens.

The delegation will be lead by the US International Development Finance Corporation CEO Adam Boehler and will seek to “advance economic cooperation and development.”

The delegation will visit Athens, Pristina, Belgrade and Jerusalem, on a trip that began on September 20th and is expected to last until September 25th.

The delegation will also include senior officials from the US Department of Energy and Business, who will hold meetings with senior government officials and private sector representatives, according to the US Embassy in Kosovo. Asides from Grenell and Boehler, the Deputy Administrator for ASAID Bonni Gluck and President of the Export-Import Bank of the US Kimberley Reed will also attend.

The visit comes after the signing of documents between Kosovo and Serbia on September 4 at the White House for the establishment of economic relations.