From: Exit Staff
Richard Grenell Urges Albanian Americans to Vote for Donald Trump

US  envoy Richard Grenell has called on the Albanian American to vote for Donald Trump in the presidential election on November 3.

I encourage you to recognize that Donald Trump has worked very hard for peace in the Balkans, for economic normalization. He has paid attention to an area where we know Barack Obama and Joe Biden have not paid attention too,” Grenell said in a video message posted by Kosovo public broadcaster RTK on Wednesday.

Grenell added that Trump “has worked hard for your vote, and understands that the region needs normalcy when it comes to economic progress.”

In September, under the Trump administration’s facilitation, Kosovo and Serbia signed separate pledges to normalize economic relations.

Since then, Trump has claimed that he stopped “mass killings” and “fighting for 400 years”, and that he made the two countries’ leaders “hug and kiss each other” in the Oval Office.