From: Exit Staff
Ronela Hajiti to Represent Albania at Eurovision

Albania’s annual song contest, Festivali i Kenges has concluded after three days and the country’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest has been decided.

The winner of each years’ event is traditionally that years’ representative in the pan-European musical competition. This years winner is Ronela Hajati with her song Sekret.

Other confirmed contestants include Jeremie Makiese from Belgium, Intelligent Music Project from Bulgaria, We are Domi from Czechia, Circus Mircus from Georgi, Amada Tanfjord from Greece, and S10 from The Netherlands.

Festivali i Kenges is one of Europe’s longest-running musical events having started o Albanian radio in 196. Previous winners and subsequent Eurovision hopefuls included Agim Doci, Anxhela Faber, Osman Mula, Rozana Radi, Olsa Toqi, and Olti Curri.

Hajati was born and raised in Tirana and has been singing and dancing since childhood. Her mother is from Korce and her father is from Shkodra, and young Ronela studied ballet and piano during her younger years. She released her first single in 2013 called Mala Gata and followed it up with a string of hits.