School Suspends Operation as Coronavirus Preventative Measure, Government Revokes Licence

Today, Minister of Education Besa Shahini ordered that private school “Udha e Shkronjave” have its licence removed for allegedly spreading panic concerning the coronavirus.

Shahini released the news via a Facebook post, in which sheexi denounced the school leaders for closing down operations for two weeks. She said that the school’s licence would be revoked and its students would be transferred to other schools. She accused the school’s administration of needlessly spreading panic concerning the coronavirus, no cases of which have been recorded in Albania, and said they should be prosecuted for it.

The Minister’s retaliatory measures come in the wake of Prime Minister Edi Rama’s harsh reaction yesterday against spreading unnecessary panic.

This afternoon, however, the school administration announced they were resuming operation starting from tomorrow. They clarified their decision was a result of consultations with parents who had all required for school closure due to fear of coronavirus.

“Between Health and Anti-Panic measures, the ministry chose the anti-panic campaign, which is ambiguous and diabolical. We clearly chose HEALTH. “Security first!” slogan is now meaningless. From now on “Ministry first!”, “Government first!” slogans are valid,” their announcement read.

It’s not clear whether by resuming operation tomorrow the school will retain its license.