From: Exit News
Serbia Gives NATO Ultimatum over Kosovo

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic has given NATO 24 hours to intervene in case Kosovo Serbs are threatened, before Serbia ‘reacts’ against its neighboring country.

“We will wait 24 hours for you to react as NATO and if the pogrom against our population continues, Serbia will react,” Vucic told NATO secretary general in a phone call. He revealed the conversation during a live talk show on Serbia’s TV Pink.

Vucic added that he was angry during his phone calls with NATO and European officials during the weekend.

“We have 14 MiG-29s,” Vucic told the Western officials. “They thought I was joking,” he added.

In fact, Serbia flew its Russian fighter jets during the weekend near the border with Kosovo, prompting EU and NATO officials to demand Kosovo to withdraw its police forces from its northern territory where a number of Kosovo Serbs, backed by Belgrade, have blocked two roads leading to border checkpoints. The protesters have been there for over a week. 

On Sunday, Serbia’s Mister of Defense and the Russian ambassador visited Serbian troops stationed near the Kosovo border, while the government put the army on heightened alert and deployed armored vehicles along the border.

“I am sure that the people in NATO understood me very well,” Vucic concluded.